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At, we list some of the most trusted and highly recommended free Antivirus software available on the internet today. Below are some basic recommendations to protect your computer from viruses, spyware, trojans and malicious software.

Stay away from Viruses

You will find that most viruses are attached to Adult related and illegal websites and obviously, we recommend keeping away from those websites as much as possible. Safe Find is a Google Safe Search Engine and will filter out adult sites that could potentially have phishing scripts attached to them. Remember; always be aware of websites which have popups, requesting credit card details. The number one rule is to NEVER give out your credit card details to pop up messages.

Stop viruses from spreading

Help to prevent a virus from spreading by using antivirus software and updating it regularly. Think of it like this. If you catch a cold, you stay at home to stop spreading it to other people. Same goes for your computer. If you catch a virus, you should immediately disconnect your computer or handheld device from the internet. Isolate your computer by turning off your wifi connection or disconnecting the ethernet cable from your modem/router . This is imperative to stop any sort of infection to other computers on your network or on the internet.

How to delete a virus

You can delete a virus manually, but you would need to go into your computer registry and find and delete all instances of the virus file. The easiest way to delete a virus is to run your antivirus software and let it do its magic. Unfortunately, some newer viruses can be undetected to some antivirus software. This is why your virus software updates itself automatically. Keeping your antivirus updated is as important as having it installed. Same goes for your computer's operating system. The OS, doesn't require updates as often, but you must always make sure to update it whenever there is an update available.

Free antivirus software

As mentioned, we only list free antivirus software available on the internet today. One of the more popular free antivirus software is AVG Free. This software is award winning, widely recognized and can be installed on all operating systems, including Windows and Linux. There is also currently no trial periods, so it never expires.