Avira Free Download

Avira AntiVirus Personal is for personal use only and free of charge. Like most antivirus software, it scans disks for malware and also runs as a background process, checking each opened and closed file. It can detect and possibly remove rootkits. It also performs Internet daily updates in which it opens a window, with an advertisement.

Avira had the highest signature and proactive detection rates in all major independent antivirus tests. In April 2009, PC Pro awarded Avira Premium Security Suite 9 six out of six stars and a place on its A-list for internet security software.

Avira free edition stops all kinds of viruses , spyware and adware and is free for download here.

Avira also offer premium AntiVirus software which you can buy online. Some advantages of the premium package include:

AntiPhishing: Proactive protection against phishing

AntiVir ProActiv: Detects unknown viruses by their behavior patterns

WebGuard: Protection against malicious websites

RescueSystem: Create a bootable rescue CD

AntiDrive-by: Prevents against downloading viruses when surfing

MailGuard: Enhanced email protection

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